Our Story

Discover the Power of Excellent Hydration with Jean-Claude Van Damme and AQUA-VD.

Jean-Claude Van Damme, the renowned actor, filmmaker, and fight choreographer, knows firsthand the significance of optimal hydration. It's the secret to his remarkable fitness and thriving lifestyle. As one of the most iconic martial arts action stars in history, Van Damme has now taken on a new role as the exclusive Brand Ambassador for AQUAD-VD, a premium hydration product.

In collaboration with a leading New Zealand manufacturer of health and wellness products, Van Damme has helped create the ultimate hydration formulas for AQUA-VD.

Now, you too can experience the hydration secret of a superstar.

At AQUA-VD, we firmly believe in four key principles that Jean-Claude attributes his successful career to: Awareness, Power, Flexibility, and Dexterity.

However, without effective hydration, achieving these principles becomes nearly impossible. That's where AQUA-VD comes in. Our unique and potent hydration products are designed to support these principles in your daily life, addressing your specific health and fitness needs and helping you reach your goals.

What sets AQUA-VD apart is its infusion of clean electrolyte nutrition. We understand the importance of making healthy choices that enable you to stay active, keep up with your loved ones, and live your best life. Whether you're pursuing athletic achievements, recovering from illness or burnout, or striving for the next level of success, AQUA-VD has got you covered... and recovered.

Experience the best Damme hydration and fuel your performance with AQUA-VD. Join Jean-Claude Van Damme and discover the power of optimal hydration for yourself.